Govern America | June 27, 2020 | The Great Reset


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"The Great Reset" Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis Show website: Vicky's Websites: and COMPLETE SHOW NOTES AND CREDITS AT: LISTEN LIVE EVERY SATURDAY AT 11AM EASTERN OR 8AM PACIFIC TIME AT: As tribalism and unrest are drummed up, the noose is tightening around all of our necks, regardless of skin color. We do a deep dive on the World Economic Forum's overt efforts to use the COVID-19 "pandemic" to push for "a great reset of capitalism". The WEF and the United Nations, along with Prince Charles, the IMF, major financiers, and others seek to capitalize on engineered social turmoil to cram Agenda 2030 down the throats of the masses. The National Governors Association pushes for more sovereignty-robbing privatization of infrastructure via public-private partnerships. U.S. Customs busts meat being smuggled in from communist China. Meanwhile, China employs the IMF model for control on the continent of Africa, but Kenya is pushing back. Bayer settles cancer lawsuit on behalf of their subsidiary, Monsanto. Phone calls throughout the show.

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