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Grace Gedeon is an International Life Coach. She has a unique capacity to intuitively and clinically diagnose the psychological factors that stand in the way of your success and fulfillment and teaches effective techniques to help you transform any area of your life – health, relationships, career and finances – in a deep and long lasting way. Grace assists you to resolve current life issues through her ability to tune into the repressed psychological and emotional traumas from your past. Once identifying these issues she will then coach you on how to transform your current situation in order to attain healing and fulfilment. Grace graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Laws in 1983 and worked for over 10 years as a corporate lawyer in both Australia and the UK. Grace also trained in professional acting and theatre studies and went on to become a theatre director and producer in the early 90’s directing several critically acclaimed plays in Edinburgh for fringe theatre. In 1993, Grace turned her mind to the film medium and executive produced a multi-award winning documentary about her beloved homeland, entitled Lebanon…Imprisoned Splendour, narrated by Omar Sharif. In 1994, Grace commenced her studies in the field of counseling in addictions and group facilitation. She is an Honors graduate in this field winning the AICA Jules Chevalier Award for the student considered the most promising counselor and the George and Janet Wilson Award for academic excellence. She was also the recipient of a scholarship to train at the Betty Ford Center, Palm Springs. Grace subsequently completed an internship in the treatment of co-dependency and other addictions at the Meadows, in Arizona. She continued her training in the United States working directly with author, visionary and spiritual leader, Marianne Williamson; working with the Global Renaissance Alliance (now called the Peace Alliance) an international non-profit organization which was founded by Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsch; and training with leading motivational speakers, Les Brown, Brendon Burchard and Andy Harrington. Grace completed her Masters in East-West Psychology in San Francisco, USA, where she trained and became well versed with numerous psycho-spiritual modalities and practices including Jungian, psychodynamic and transpersonal psychology. She has brought these skills into her practice as a life coach, group facilitator and seminar leader. Grace has presented live on stage with Marianne Williamson in San Diego and New York on Marianne’s best seller ” A Course in Weight Loss” and in Los Angeles at Marianne Williamson’s Aphrodite Training. Some of her other appearances in Australia have been: The Festival of Dreams; Massive Impact’s Heart of Self Love; World Wellness Summit; and her own live events in Sydney. Grace’s personal struggle with food addiction and recovery from this disease has inspired and assisted many people challenged with this life threatening condition.

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