#201 F2W 183 San Diego Recap, ADCC Trials/ WNO Discussion Preview


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This week on the show Main and Miranda discuss F2W 183 and talk about the upcoming WNO Championship Event and ADCC Trials.
In the news section of the show we discuss WNO championship pull out Craig Jones being replaced by fellow former teammate Oliver taza in the 185 pound division. We also run through every athlete in all of the events divisions.
In the recap of the show we take a look at Fight to Win 183 featuring a fantastic submission finish from Baret Yoshida in his anaconda win over Bernardo Pitel, that he set up off of the half guard darce. We talk about the leg lock and kneebar game of Michael Liera in his decision victory over Jackson Nagai to claim the welterweight title. We dive into Josh Hinger decision victory over Corey Guitard that saw the Atos grappler work from the mount and knee on belly for much of the match. We briefly discussed Gabriel Almeida split decision victory over Dom Bell, and go into detail on Fellipe Andrew head and arm choke finish of Fellipe Trovo that earned him Fight of the Night honors, finishing from mount after defending a Buggy choke. We discussed the combination pinning toreando passing from Lucas Pinheiro that lead to him securing Carlos We also recapped the rematch between Sophia Nordeno and Nikki Sullivan that saw Sophia take a decision win.
In the preview section of the show we Briefly discuss the location for F2W 184, and the upcoming ADCC European Trials.
In the outro we discuss the newly announced polaris event featuring Craig Jones back to defend his title, and the upcoming ADCC East Coast trials that as of last count had over 500 grapplers signed up to take part, making it the biggest trials event of all time by well over 140 grapplers. Plus we discussed how excited we were going to be to cover it.
Recorded 9-13-2021

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