#202 ADCC European Trials 2021 Recap, WNO Championship Preview


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This week on the show Maine and Emil recap ADCC European Trials Preview WNO and recap F2W 184.
In the news section of the show we discuss what ADCC trials mean and why they are such a big deal. We also discuss B-Team Jiu Jitu and their professional gym application and selection procedure.
In the recap section we discuss the results from the 2021 1st ADCC European, Middle East and African Trials that took place in Lubon, Poland.
In the -65.9kg Ashley Williams we saw defeat Gairbeg Ibragimov discussing Ash back take and his leg lock offence. At -76.9kg we took a look at Oliver Taza vs Magomed Dzharbaev that saw taza win a close match on penalties and score 2 off of a nice leg pummel tech up. At -87.9kg Eoghan O'flanagan defeated Thomas Loubersanes via heel hook off of a throw by pass after Eoghan sits and condeds the -1 point, then as soon as committed passing starts Eoghan grabs the heel hook quick. At -98.9kg Perttu Tepponen beat Samuel Karas, 3-0 on points, using both his wrestling and his guard and countering passing jumping guillotine attempts from Samuel with a back take for his 3 points, then counter wrestling and great sprawls. At +99kg Heikki Jussila defeats Mateusz Juskowiak via ref decision.
For the women at -60kg Peyton Letcher submitted Ashley Bendle off of a super aggressive start and a great Hari Goshi over the hip and a quick back take, then after a reset we see a RNC belly down from the South African. At +60kg Magdalena Loska submitted Slavka Holubjakova off of a really nice transition out of a high guard, and kneebar counter to the belly to back takedown.
In our recap of F2W 184 we discussed Dustin Akbari Split Decision win over Hugo Marques, that saw consistent shots, and pressure on the edge of the stage.
In our preview of WNO championship we run through our picks for each division and why talking about the Men's 155 pound division featuring Gabriel Sousa, Diego "Pato" Oliveira, stand out favorite Mikey Musumeci, Kade Ruotolo, Damien Anderson, Joshua Cisneros, Geo Martinez, and AOJ dark horse Cole Abate.
In the Women's 115 pound division we discussed why we believed Mayssa Bastos was the division frontrunner in a stacked division featuring Grace Gundrum, Jessa Khan, Danielle Kelly, Amanda "Tubby" Alequin, Tammi Musumeci, Jessie Crane, and Alex Nguyen.
In the Men's 185 pound division we discussed how much of a toss up this division has begun with Craig Jones out with injury replaced by Oliver Taza, along with another stacked bracket featuring Tye Ruotolo, Micael Galvao, William Tackett, Dante Leon, Jon Blank, Roberto Jimenez, and Jacob Couch replacing the injured Pedro Marinho.
At Women's Heavyweight we discussed a potential changing of the guard speculating if anyone would be able to take Gabi Garcia crown, in a division filled with rematches for all we discussed if Elisabeth Clay could make the changes needed or if Ana Carolina Vieira, Rafaela Guedes, Erin Harpe, Amanda Leve, Amanda Lowen, Kendall Reusing would be able to claim the title.
At Men's Heavyweight we discussed the entrants combining ADCC -88 - +99 Kg into one division with all eyes on Kaynan Duarte, we looked and discussed how the rest of teh roster including Orlando Sanchez, Tim Spriggs, Kyle Boehm, Luiz Panza, Haisam Rida, Aaron Tex Johnson, and Mason Fowler might look to give him problems.
We also briefly previewed Fight to Win 185 and Grapple in the Temple Matheus Diniz vs David Garmo.
In the outro the hosts discussed teh upcoming ADCC USA trials.
Recorded 9-20-2021

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