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We go to schools to train our brains. We go to gyms to train our bodies. Where do we go to train our emotions? The reality is that we train our emotions on each other. This, however, is changing with a new generation of teachers who integrate social emotional learning and somatic practices into their curriculum.

In this episode, we hear from four teachers who are on the leading edge of education. Their inspirations are both ancestral and science-based. Future generations will have whole new vocabularies and practices to integrate their minds, bodies and hearts. Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn these integrated practices now.

Melorie Serrano Masacupan, M.Ed is a writer coaching founders to tell their stories with her digital growth agency focused on organizational wellness. You can find her @heymelorie on all social platforms and at

Jen Wolfe is a biracial Thai American mathematics teacher educator and scholar at the University of Arizona. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram, @drjenmathed

Tiffany Chan is a Chinese American educator and visual artist who seeks to build equitable & compassionate learning communities. You can find her on Instagram @t.chanchan and at

Bong Lau (they/them) is a Cantonese somatics and mindfulness coach, singer, and visual artist who lives to cultivate creativity in themselves and others.

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