Episode 169: Un-Doing the Wrong


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On this week's episode of Grease the Wheels, we take aim at more automotive misinformation from the ill-informed passing themselves off as someone who knows about cars on the internet. So gather round boys and girls, customers and service advisors, techs of all types: this is one where we get to shred someone for being a moron! After all, the holidays are coming up, right? A little peace-on-earth at the expense of the stupid is a great way to raise shop morale. Check your sources especially when it comes to things that you read on the internet, in this case “Setting the Facts Straight on Common Car Myths” Are electric cars are more likely to catch on fire? Are larger vehicles safer than smaller cars? Can Muscle-Cars turn? Are all SUV’s good off-road? These questions and many more get put under the blazing light of a mushroom cloud on this week’s GTW.
Also Uncle Jimmy talks about accidentally lighting a Power Wagon on fire.
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