Episode 171: Getting F’ed Everywhere!


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On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we take a dive into the median salary for auto technicians by state. The worst part of this is that the highest median income actually comes from the District of Columbia which isn’t even a state, and all of the other highest median incomes come in states where the cost of living is outrageous to the point where people are fleeing (looking at you California). At the end of the day we all heard it in tech school: “you can earn 100k as an auto technician” but we seriously hope that you didn’t have to break your ass too bad getting there and can maintain a good work-life balance. We got this week’s episode right from UTI and when you take a look at the actual numbers they put that 100k earning level into a pretty stark light in a hurry.
Also Uncle Jimmy is thankful for family, you all, and not living in California.

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