Episode 180: Shortage


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On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, Uncle Jimmy finds an article on the internet that almost sounds like it was written by someone who listens to this show. The article: Four Reasons for the Technician Shortage, and the first one is money! This guy gets it! The only real part that we disagree with is the idea that the technician shortage could become a crisis, we only disagree because it already is a crisis. We also get into the discussion about working conditions and some of our favorite dilapidated repair shops. The final part of the conversation is a bit more complicated because of the optics of auto mechanics in the general zeitgeist: people don’t respect mechanics/technicians because they think that we are ripping them off. To which we respond with the GTW greatest hit, “when was the last time you paid the mechanic?”

Also Uncle Jimmy adds some auto mechanic caliber language to an extremely well written article about a very real problem.

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