Episode 182: Interview Questions Part 1


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On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, Uncle Jimmy goes over the top 50 questions asked during job interviews. We are still in the throes of “The Great Resignation” which started at the end of last year and is still going strong with people leaving jobs en masse. How is it affecting the automotive industry? Well, if the want ads are any suggestion, it isn't helping anything. If you are looking to grease your wheels, this two-part episode will give you the questions that you are most likely to be asked, because most HR managers can't be bothered to come up with their own interview questions, so they're likely to take them straight off of google. We just want you to think about them and have some sort of response planned. We also go into the idea that if you straight up walk out of an interview when the pay offer is insufficient, it will eventually give hiring managers and owners the hint.

Also Uncle Jimmy settles the “wearing a suit to a job interview” debate with personal experience, and says all of the things you shouldn’t ever say if you’re looking to get hired!

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