Episode 186: “I F****** Quit!”


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On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we look at the final bit of the employment process- the point where you have had enough or circumstances change and you need a new job. There are a lot of really good reasons to quit your job as an auto mechanic: partner gets a better job somewhere else - go with them, cars break everywhere! Wanting to go back to school is usually a pretty good way to get a raise and get out of that stuck feeling. We also talk about some of the ways that someone quitting actually affects a shop, for instance the immediate pay bump to everyone else when the workload remains the same and the number of people doing it has been reduced. We briefly touch upon “rage quitting” which is not an unfamiliar topic to anyone in the automotive industry, but this is a more in depth look at the reasons why people quit. We definitely want to hear those rage quit stories though, they almost never disappoint! Weather your departure is going to be spectacular with donuts, or more of a prolonged leave to take care of a sick family member; there are a lot of good reasons to Grease the Wheels.
Also Uncle Jimmy poorly explains Onlyfans and completely forgets that the best opportunity for a technician's career advancement is to start their own shop.

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