Episode 190: Angers Away


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On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we talk about how we respond to the naturally chaotic and often perpetual stupidity that we deal with on a daily basis. The natural response to this is anger, but if you’re in Texas like Uncle Jimmy, they will kill you if you kill someone- even if they are stupid! Instead we talk about some of the more practical ways to not get old sparky when you lose your cool with people. Trying to remain calm almost never works when it comes from the outside, but when it comes from within and is met with being able to recognize some of the physical signs of anger, you can get out in front of it. Throw one tool and someone sees it, congrats you now a “ tool thrower”. At the end of the day though, being able to control and use your anger is a very useful skill to have, because small doses of anger get the job done. However, this comes with the very human fact that some of the most irrational stuff that people do happens because they’re angry.

Also Uncle Jimmy describes his father’s mood-ring setting and massively underestimates just how funny he is when he is losing his shit; specifically in the content coming out of his mouth as opposed to it just being funny that he is pissed off.

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