Episode 193: 1972


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On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, Uncle Jimmy fires up the Delorean and goes back to the magical time of 1972 to figure out if technicians were better off then or now. The most shocking thing that we uncovered is the concept of “Flat Rate Percentage” which is an awesome way to get paid that desperately needs to make a comeback (and never, EVER will!). As far as the cars go, technicians were way better off, because odds are that in 1972 somewhere in Middle America, you’re probably not working on anything more or less complicated than a GM A-Body. Now, absolutely nothing on the road is anywhere near that simple because of government emissions standards - but some of the components still work in the same way because the laws of physics haven't changed much. The overwhelming thing that we have noticed though between those two worlds is that the price of everything has gone up, and our wages have not kept up despite the incredible levels of complexity to the systems that we have to work on every single day!

Also Uncle Jimmy briefly talks geo-politics.

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