Episode 194: Don’t Tell The Manager


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On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, Uncle Jimmy goes over a laundry list of things that you shouldn’t say to your manager in a while collar setting, that more often than not you SHOULD say to your manager in a blue collar setting. Reminding your manager of “The Great Resignation” works well in a white collar setting, but in the trades it punches just that little bit harder. When you get to the automotive trades, it can be a powerful tool to leverage higher wages in the face of a continuing economic downturn made only worse by inflation that Jimmy hasn’t seen since he was a wee-lad. Bottom line, good communication with a manager doesn’t happen in the automotive industry often, because more often than not they are a lightning rod for everyone from the customer, service managers, techs, and other management. When you have good communication with management you’re more able to solve problems they way they are supposed to be solved instead of the way it is always done.
Also Uncle Jimmy drops one of the best conspiracies out there: management listening to GTW!

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