Katie Capano: The Superhero


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I love the Capano sisters big time. Christy was on before, and now I got this real-life hero. If you were writing her as a character, her accomplishments wouldn’t be believed. The idea of a Nurse Practitioner getting her doctorate (with degrees from Georgetown and Johns Hopkins no less), Licensed, Certified Midwife, Longtime Acro Yoga practitioner/teacher/teacher trainer, former Doctor Without Borders participant, bi-lingual traveling nurse serving remote indigenous communities in Central America, and social justice advocate, it seems farfetched and ridiculous. How could anyone do all that?! Well, meet Katie Capano. She does all that and more! She builds field hospitals. It’s madness of the best kind. I can’t gush enough about her work, her intelligence, her bravery, and her badassery. She’s Science Spice meets Empress of Woo. She’s taken all her passions and mixed them into a stunning life potion. I’ll have what she’s having. Awestruck is an understatement.

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