331) Monica Gagliano: Regenerating the human spirit


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How does viewing the Earth as an embodiment of imagination invite us to conceptualize or feel our ecological crises in different ways? And what does it mean to be more imaginative with our scientific inquiries—while also remaining a humility to recognize the limitations of this particular lens?

In this episode, we welcome Monica Gagliano, the author of Thus Spoke the Plant and a Research Associate Professor in evolutionary ecology at Southern Cross University, where she directs the Biological Intelligence (BI) Lab as part of the Diverse Intelligences Initiative of the Templeton World Charity Foundation.

Gagliano's work has extended the concept of cognition (including perception, learning processes, memory) in plants. By re-kindling a sense of wonder for this beautiful place we call home, she is helping to create a fresh imaginative ecology of mind that can inspire the emergence of truly innovative solutions to human relations with the world we co-inhabit.

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