39: Ross King


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It's our season debut for Green Room Door's 5th season. Today we have an extended conversation with Ross King - talking about his approach to songwriting, a unique blind spot in the CCM industry, and the inspiration behind his new album "Unfinished".

-------- TRACK LIST FOR EP.39 --------
* Clear The Stage - Jimmy Needham
* The Things That I'm Afraid Of - Ross King
* Golden - Ross King
* All My Heroes Are Underdogs - Ross King
* The Show - Ross King

-------- CREDITS ---------
* Host/Producer - Dave Trout
* Ross Kings' "Unfinished" - https://is.gd/rkunfinishedsp
* SPONSOR: Kenny & Clair - https://is.gd/kcwearysp
* Backyard Concert with Ross King - https://youtu.be/Xt9oHlKEI90
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