E165 - Flora Baker - The Adult Orphan Club


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Flora Baker is a travel writer and author from London, UK. Flora was 20 years old when her mum died suddenly of breast cancer, and 29 when her dad died of fibrosis. After a decade of grieving, Flora now uses her personal narrative writing and her online presence to engage with the global grief community and help others through their own experiences of loss. Flora’s new book, ‘The Adult Orphan Club’, is a part memoir, part guide to grief which aims to be a companion to those coping with bereavement.

In this episode we talk about her love of travelling around the world, the death of her parents, her grief journey, traveling to cope after loss, her new book ‘The Adult Orphan Club’, her Instagram video, and grief dreams of her parents.

You can read more from Flora at www.floratheexplorer.com, follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @FloraBaker, and find ‘The Adult Orphan Club’ on Amazon.

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