E180 - FAVVKES - Black Dove


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FAVVKES (pronounced "fox") is a Canadian artist and songwriter. FAVVKES brings you 90s nostalgia with a 2020 attitude. Her alternative, rock-pop style is reminiscent of artists like Courtney Love and Garbage, while bringing charisma and fresh fashion like Gwen Stefani. FAVVKES is preparing her solo debut, and she unapologetically touches on sensitive subject matter surrounding mental health. Her songs deliver strong messages on what it means to deal with social anxiety, depression, acceptance and inclusivity. Through her music and platform, FAVVKES' goal is to become a strong advocate for mental health and the LBGTQ+ community, while she takes on the world with her magnetic and meaningful music. Her new song "Black Dove" is now out.

In this episode we talk about finding her love for music, using music as a way to cope, mental health challenges and self-care over the holidays, her new song Black Dove, living your truth, the multiple deaths in her life, and grief dreams of her grandmother.

You can find more about FAVVKES at http://favvkes.com/ and her new music video for Black Dove can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4m4feler_s

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