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In this episode, Lisa talks to British-Iranian poet Fad Jamal (Khorsandjamal) about the power of artistic expression in the process of grieving. Fad intertwines her love of nature, the losses she’s faced, both death and non-death, and the poetic notions and sensibilities of her Persian heritage and the Farsi language to explore love and loss in two volumes of poetry - Quixotic Nature and most recently, Reflections and Refractions.

Our conversation was so rich and expansive as we explored what nature has taught her about loss in its various forms and the ways in which metaphor and poetry has allowed her to explore the dark shadows of pain and grief. Fad brings forth such light, wisdom and hope, and even shares a few of her poems with us. I just can’t wait for you to meet her.

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Reflection and Refraction by F Khorsandjamal

Quixotic Nature by F Khorsandjamal

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Jump straight into

(03:29) - The cherry tree story: Fad’s first experience with grief

(16:39) - Numbness: False beliefs and assumptions about grief

(25:53) - Fad’s poetic Persian heritage and three of her beautiful poems: Numb, Carnival of Dark & Cabin

(35:02) - Writing poetry as a way to cope with loss

(40:30) - Don’t Sweep it under the rug!: How to honor and give space to different types of grief

(48:12) - Looking at darkness in the face and not letting it take over

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