Creative Ways Language is Used in Grief


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Often in grief, the language used to support another is well intended but hard to receive. The language used to communicate is filled with cliches and platitudes that are painful to hear, not relatable at all, and frequently upsetting to people who are grieving.

How can language be used to help grievers be more supported? And how do the supporters learn language that is authentic and helpful?

On today’s Grief Refuge podcast, I interview and converse with Randi Wolfson, Author of the book Eddie's Brave Journey and writer of the popular social media page Grief and Grits. Randi shares more about her ways of navigating lifelong grief and how she writes to help both grievers and supporters of grieving persons.

Randi is so kind and her writing is amazing.

Please enjoy our conversation for it provides more support and deeper understanding for the grief experience.

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