(Ep.#224) When the bully within is kicking your butt, Get moving to change your emotions


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Episode #224 – The bully within is the toughest, meanest, baddest bully we will ever face. That bully knows all our deepest fears and knows how to kick our own butt. So, when that bully is kicking our butt, the best thing to do is GET MOVING. Get Physical to change our emotions, to change our thought process and kick that bully's butt. When you're feeling down, when the bully is winning, get up and get moving. I promise this will make a difference. Listen in as Master Grogan shares openly how he's had these challenges, and what he's doing about it. The Grogan's Bully Proof & KickinLife podcast has something for everyone; Parents, Kids, Teens & Adults. This is the same wisdom that Master Grogan presents to thousands of kids & adults worldwide in his speeches, conferences and Martial Arts classes. Grogan's Bully Proof is on a mission to give hope to each child, parent & adult who is suffering from bullying. Our purpose is to empower you with confidence to believe in yourself and overcome your fears to stand up to any bully you’re facing, either real or in the mirror. Master Grogan shares daily & weekly videos on successful ways to overcome the biggest bully we all face, the bully within. Follow us & share with others: www.facebook.com/grogansbullyproof/ www.facebook.com/grogansbullyproof/ , www.instagram.com/grogansbullyproof/ , www.youtube.com/kickinlifemastergrogan #GrogansBullyProof #KickinLife #GrogansMartialArts #BullyProof #Courage #Confidence #Hope #Faith #Christian #BullyProof #Bullying #Parents #Kids #Love #Live #Life #RightHookOfReality #Success #Happiness #Health #Fitness #SquarePegRoundHole
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