Ep 43 The Dogon People and Sirius B Mystery


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The Dogon People, a primitive tribe living in West Africa have preserved a tradition so emphatically for hundreds of years, that one could possibly say it's risen from legend and storytelling into absolute fact. Their belief is one that almost all humans have thought about. Many have theorized it could be real. Some have astoundingly declared such is so. However, this group of people, untouched by the influences of outside society possess such a knowledge of a higher being that theorists believe the Dogons' visits from extraterrestrials are not just real, they've paved the path for Ancient Egypt, Greek Mythology, The Sumerian culture and essentially all of humanity itself. You, me, whoever is sitting next to you right now. We've all become, in theory, because of this culture and these visits. Do you believe it? Well, don't just sit there, hit the play button on your podcast app and see for yourself!

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