Ep. 44 Ancient Torture Devices Part I


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In a time period not so long ago, humans were being tortured by other humans. But you see, us humans, we're quite screwed up folks - a simple beating, Indian burns, or even a good ole' fashioned wet willy wasn't enough - we had to get creative. And when the ancient street corners of creative and sick met in human history you got, well, some pretty f'd up ways to torture people; torture devices. On this multi-show series, the Grognostic's crew along with frequent guest Jason Reedy (Dyatlov Pass, Foreign Accent Syndrome and others) match them all up with each other in a March Madness bracket format to answer one question - which is the most gruesome torture device in human history?

Disclaimer: There is an overabundance of expletives used on this show as well as... oh yeah the slight use of disgusting descriptions of human torture. Consider yourself warned. Come join us.

Beers tried on show are all from Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, New York.

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