Ep. 56 Intuition with Sunil Godse


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We’ve all had that feeling that we should be or should not be doing something whether we have a gut feeling the result will be good or it will end up bad. So what is that? Is THAT intuition? But the question is, how do we know when to follow what our intuition is telling us and when it’s simply a manifestation cooked up by our fleeting, often fearful minds? Or…let’s think larger. What if intuition is a slight peak into a superpower humans have harnessed in the past and possibly could again? Think Oracles. Prognosticators. Did they have a secret power that was nothing more than enhanced intuition? And when the rubber meets the conclude nothing explore everything road- What is your intuition telling you right now about clicking play on your podcast app and listening to this podcast? What’s that? It’s telling you not to? Oh. We did not know that. This is awkward.

Sunil Godse has made it a mission to show others how to sharpen their intuition and today he’ll show you how to sharpen yours. He might even help us reflect on some of the aforementioned ponderances.

He’s an author, a public speaker, podcast host, a coach and founder of The Intuitionology Project. He’s been featured on podcasts, radio interviews, TV shows and conducted seminars on how to implement intuitive solutions for both individuals and companies. He’s written two critically acclaimed books, Fail Fast. Succeed Faster. and GUT!

More info for Sunil including his blog, books, and media can be found at https://www.sunilgodse.com/ or https://www.intuitionology.com/

His Podcast The Intuitionology Podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intuitionology/

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