Ep. 57 The Winchester Mystery House w/ expert Chris Garcia


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Known to many as one of the country's most haunted houses, the Winchester Mystery house holds just as many peculiarities in the physical world as it does in the spirit. What started as a modest farmhouse was turned into the most unorthodox house ever built over three decades of continuous construction. With a staircase that leads to a ceiling, doors that lead to nowhere and over 160 total rooms, 40 of which are bedrooms, one has to ponder the very same question - how on earth would I ever find my iPhone charger? It was plugged in just right there so I could watch TV and charge at same time! I swear. Or wait, was it in bathroom so I could charge while getting ready, or... Darnit I forget! Where is it? Why me?!

On today's show, we sit down with Winchester House expert Chris Garcia who has been passionately intrigued with the house for most of his life. Through his research, his local knowledge, and countless visits to the home, he has inside knowledge you won't hear anywhere else. What I'm saying is that he will leave no oddity or spooky twist and turn left ...unturned (um, not sure that totally makes sense). What I'm trying to say is Chris is really awesome ok? Join us on our Halloween train of scary and comedic and check back each of the following Thursdays in October for a new Halloween-esque episode.

More info about the guest Chris Garcia:

His podcasts are Zodiac Speaking which is a true crime podcast and can be found anywhere you get your podcasts and Short Story, Short Podcast which can be found here or on Spotify.

He also writes a zine on the Winchester House which you can find at http://siligonevalley.weebly.com/wide-unclaspd.html

Check him out!

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