Ep. 59 Ancient Architecture


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The Great Pyramid of Giza stands 481 feet high, and was built thousands of years ago when only primitive building and engineering methods existed...we think. Ancient structures are scattered all over Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, and even Australia and Antarctica that are quite unexplainable. Since we're the most advanced humans in our species' timeline how did these ancient civilizations manage such feats? I mean, these inferior cultures barely had pots to pee in right? We're the top of the chain are we not? Well...newsflash, we might be wrong. These ancient civilizations - exactly how did they move 20-ton rocks and place them exactly where they wanted hundreds of feet up? How did they have tools enabling them to cut massive, thick stones all the same? It can be explained right? Nope, not really.

On this episode, we examine ancient structures from all over the globe to discuss just how these ancient feats were done while drinking some great beer along the way. Don't judge.

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