President's Day, Comedy Cavalcade of Presidential Obscurity


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President's Day - a day to reflect on the leader's of our nation's past, or a day to stretch a drinking binge weekend into a fourth day of monumental debauchery.

Our country has been led by natural-born leaders, by individuals thrust into a leader role without warning or those who have thrusted their way into scandal. And everything in between. On today's show we treat them all equally breaking down each of the 45 past presidents in one minute or less. Some information you may already know, while some, such as which presidents were fond of reptile intercourse for example you didn't. Or did you? You little...

As we educate we do this Drunk History style with a shot of beer for each president described. It gets silly. It gets unruly. It gets just perfectly divine.

Do try this at home.

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