The Worst Years of Humanity


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2020 has seen deadly viruses, rioting, unemployment, general unrest and well the return of McDonald's McRib. So let's be honest with ourselves. Was it really that bad? It got us thinking; we all feel 2020 has been the worst year of our lifetimes but where does it rank in the history of worst years? Famine, war, disease, nuclear fallout, massive natural disasters have plagued humanity since the rise of our existence. So what was the actual worst year. Was it 2020? In the spirit of the New Year and in the negative spirit of the past year we teamed with our friends at Unearthing Paranormalcy to count down the 5 worst years of humanity's history and then because c'mon now, we're not all doom and gloom (mostly are) we also counted down the 5 best years. The best year we are positive will surprise you. Happy New Year!

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