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There are reports that many Ukrainians have been experiencing nightmares about what are called "Chorts" - demonic entities from Slavic mythology. This appears to coincide with a huge black flying cryptid over Chernobyl before the nuclear accident. The terrifying creature rose above the horizon of Chernobyl and Pripyat - a hideous humanoid with giant wings, a black headless body, and red glowing eyes sending a message of doom to all who gazed upon it. The time has come and the demons have been summoned - they are all part of the war machine. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about CHERNABOG. #GroundZero #ClydeLewis #Chernabog Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis is live M-F from 7-10pm, pacific time, and streamed for free at There is a delayed broadcast on our local Portland affiliate station, KPAM 860, from 9pm-12am, pacific time. For radio affiliates near you, go to To listen by phone: 717-734-6922. To call into the show: 503-225-0860. The transcript of each episode will be posted after the show at In order to access the entire archived shows/podcasts, you must sign up on our secured server at If you want access to the entire online Ground Zero library, which includes videos, audio clips, e-books, e-magazines, documents, a news aggregator, a social media platform, plus the archived shows/podcasts, it's $12 a month. Check out the yearly specials!

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