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Today we're discussing Square, Inc.'s purchase of a majority stake in Tidal, Oscar Health's $9.5 billion valuation, the NBA's decision to accept $DOGE as currency, Overtime's basketball league, Gov. Newsom's mention of attendance returning to MLB games on "Opening Day," Winners, Losers, Content Recommendations, and more.

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Back with the News! - Group Chat News 3.4.21

  • The incredible response from the last episode and the power of community. [1:37]
  • Is Vlad getting cocky? [6:15]
  • Jay-Z is on FIRE! [10:04]
  • What is Oscar Health and why should you care? [15:14]
  • The future of money itself, Dogecoin. [19:57]
  • Overtime, a game changer for amateur basketball players. [24:41]
  • Is old Gavin coming around? [33:38]
  • Pete Reads the Ads. [40:18]
  • Crime Watch: LA is out of control! [42:30]
  • Weekly Winners & Losers. [46:38]
  • Hottest Content for the Weekend. [1:08:45]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:15:00]

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