Quality Cooking, Delicious Recipes & Saving the Planet with Bestselling Author & Cook, Anna Jones - Episode 26


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This week’s podcast is a special-one with a focus purely on delicious food! Sarah is joined by a guest who combines her passion for the planet mixed with her love of plant-based delicious dishes that you can make at home; author of “One Pot, Pan, Planet”, Anna Jones.

This best-selling author and environmentally conscious cook, discusses her brand new book, some of the best kept secret vegan substitute ingredients, and how to take your cooking standards from humble home chef to being worthy of a restaurant!

  • A few small changes we can make to help our planet
  • The secret substitute ingredients behind some of Anna’s most delightful dishes
  • How toppings and texture help take your home cooking to Michelin star restaurant quality
  • Anna’s cooking course, and her belief that cooking skills are truly for anyone

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