Bill Shevlin, Mavericks Microgrid Energy Company - Sustainable Power for Your Cannabis Facility


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On our latest episode, “Sustainable Power for Your Cannabis Facility” Tony P is joined by Bill Shevlin of Mavericks Microgrid Energy Company. The two share an educational discussion on how to take a sustainable approach to cultivation. As we've learned, the cannabis industry is extremely energy intensive, so the question always is: how do we operate the most efficiently for our business and for our planet? Luckily Bill has some answers for us!

There are an array of methods cannabis cultivators can use when looking to save energy and money. Taking advantage of renewable energy sources, experimenting with different growing mediums, utilizing water capturing techniques, and sourcing more eco-friendly packaging are just a few ways cultivation facilities can reduce their carbon footprint. As new regulations continue to alter the industry, sustainable practices are the way of the future.

Listen now to learn how to ensure your cultivation is carbon neutral or even carbon negative. The future of growing is reliant on renewable resources, energy efficiency and collective consciousness within the industry.

About Bill Shevlin and Mavericks Microgrid Energy Company

Bill Shevlin has worked across several industries including, Real Estate, Construction, Energy, Technology and Cannabis. From 2009 to 2017 he worked on distributive energy projects that helped install solar more cost effectively. He has successfully transformed existing companies from small operations to large scale regional/multi-state and national companies. Bill is part of a core team that launched a national solar company that installed 10W of solar within 12 months of launch. He has also developed and been involved in the installation of over 100 MW of distributed rooftop solar energy. His current companies are Mavericks Capital and Mavericks Renewable Microgrids.

In 2018, Bill identified the energy needs in Cannabis, Hemp and EV infrastructure markets. Since then, he has worked as a consultant and advisor for numerous cannabis businesses, aiding in sustainable energy efficiency. Mavericks Microgrid company provides robust MicroGrid offerings and their current partners include: Energy Storage, Controls, TriGen, Solar, IoT, BioDigesters, and EV. Bill and his team help cannabis businesses facilitate a carbon neutral or even a carbon negative footprint- resulting in higher efficiency and higher yields with lower costs and less environmental impact.
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