5 Steps to a Successful & Authentic Sale for Accounting Firms


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A RADICALLY DIFFERENT WAY OF APPROACHING SALES Sales is about relationships, and relationships are the new currency. Selling isn’t about pushing. Or pulling. Success in sales is the result of connecting with authenticity, coupled a willingness to care more about your client than yourself and expertise in your products and/or services. Sales is my “zone of genius.” That wasn’t always the case. Like many people, I am an introvert. So, the thought of traditional “selling” used to make me uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. And since my first job out of college involved sales, I needed to find a way to not only “not mind” sales, but also to get really, really good at it – and to enjoy it. Now, thinking about sales makes my heart go pitter-patter … and not in a chest-clutching, fearful death grip that so many people feel. Instead, there’s a feeling of excitement – because I’ve developed a set of skills that has taken me further than I ever imagined at the beginning of my career. Today, solopreneurs, business owners, and large corporations hire me to build and/or refine the skills and mindset needed to sell successfully. No icky cold-calling. No creepy manipulation. No robotic scripts. Whether you’re a subdued introvert or an exuberant extrovert, I can you help build a foundation of skills – and a mindset – that create sales success without feeling pushy or “salesy, and without fear of rejection. 10 WAYS TO BUILD CONFIDENCE IN YOUR SELLING SKILLS • Connect with me here on LinkedIn. • Join my tribe of engaged entrepreneurs – the Sales Maven Society! • Hire me as a keynote speaker for an upcoming event. • Catch one of my many stints as a podcast contributor. • Book me for a corporate or small-group sales training session. • Join one of my live events. • Get my exclusive attention as a VIP coaching client. • Read one of my three books. • Subscribe to my weekly newsletter • Get my free e-book (www.yoursalesmaven.com/ebook) READY TO LEARN MORE? If you’re not getting the sales you need or are feeling overwhelmed, I can help. I’m a sales strategist and coach, a speaker, a podcast contributor, and an author. Helping people just like you is what I do! Hop over to my website (YourSalesMaven.com), or send an email to nikki@yoursalesmaven.com so we can connect. I look forward to hearing your challenges, and to helping you create sales success in your business. #Sales #SalesCoach #SalesTraining #RelationshipSelling #AuthenticSelling #SalesConversations #SellingSkills

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