How to Manage a 10 Person Firm Without Burning Out


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I help right-brained business owners get at-a-glance financial clarity without spreadsheets using the Profit First cash management system. If you don’t understand your finances, things can go very wrong. You might miss out on opportunities because you aren’t sure you can afford them, you might overpay or underpay your taxes, or you might just plain run out of money before you even notice a problem. With our proprietary system, we educate and empower you to understand your bookkeeping reports and your business cash flow to guarantee profitability. Go back to doing what you love in your business and kick back knowing you’ve handled the money stuff like the CEO that you are. Whether you need a bookkeeper, have a bookkeeper, or ARE the bookkeeper - I can help. WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE: Unlike many business consultants, I am not a corporate-world escapee. I know how small business works because I am a small business. Together, we will organize your systems so they make sense to YOU, not just your accountant. You will feel empowered by your new understanding of the way it all works, whether you choose to do the work yourself or outsource. Once you have clean books, we then look at how to turn the numbers to actionable information. Even if you are terrified of numbers or have mountains of debt. I believe in a collaborative approach. I believe in empowerment, proactive communication, and mutual respect to achieve your goals. WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING: "I just did my Profit First allocations for the second month in a row! It is so cool to see the money building up in my tax, profit, operating expenses, and owner’s pay bank accounts. Doing the allocations month by month is much less intimidating to me now … I am really loving this!" – Linda Secondari, Creative Director & Principal of Studiolo Secondari “Ean doesn't mess around with bookkeeping. Like her company name, she's fulla MOXIE. Which is nice, considering that bookkeepers are a dry, papery bunch. Not Ean. She tells it like it is, with humor and creativity.” - Matt Levy, Partner at Levy's Unique New York! “Ean is well-versed in Quickbooks and bookkeeping practices. She is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and small businesses. Her patience and willingness to share her time and experience have been priceless and I recommend her highly.” - Patricia Warner, Executive Coach at Columbia University READY TO GET STARTED? Go to to schedule a session to talk about your needs and goals. LET'S CONNECT!

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