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Bao Le is a Top Virtual Real Estate Consultant who works with dozens of real estate agents and brokerage owners, helping them develop and maintain the virtual side of their respective businesses!

In 2020 we all found out how important it is to be able to take our real estate businesses virtual, and many agents look to Bao to help them figure out how they can develop, convert, or adapt their real estate businesses during such a pivotal period for virtual real estate. Check out this GSD Mode Podcast Interview where Joshua and Bao break down how realtors can boost their virtual lead generation and lead conversion numbers, share tips for realtors that struggle with converting leads and having those tough conversations, how he is helping his clients find inventory during this current real estate market boom, and so much more! #GSDMode4Life

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00:00 - Introduction

6:30 - What brought you into the industry that you are in today?

15:00 - Lead conversion tips for real estate agents

20:00 - Top tips for realtors looking to have lead conversion conversations

26:00 - How to sell the need for the appointment to a potential client, not the sale

31:00 - How realtors can acquire inventory right now

34:00 - Starting his team virtual and the keys to running a successful virtual business

41:30 - How to manage positions that you don’t have the knowledge of how they work

46:45 - Maintaining culture inside your business

50:00 - Key things to do when running virtual brokerage

53:30 - Where to learn more about Bao

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