If Your 2021 Intentions Aren't Going as Planned


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Remember last month when you sat down and planned out what you wanted 2021 to look like? Maybe you created a vision board or even gotten a big brand new planner so you can write down and plan all the things.

We're entering a brand new month, so we're curious - how's it going? Are you executing?

We're one-third of the way through Q1 and if things are NOT going as you'd hope we're willing to bet it's not you or your schedule or even life circumstances. And that should be really good news for you!
There’s a chance you that you might just be feeling a little distracted and as a leader or business owner, being distracted is one of the most detrimental thing that can happen. It gets you off mission, it clouds your mind and can lessen the quality of work you have.

So, if the planner isn’t working for you, you’re not experiencing traction and you’re still feeling super distracted, this episode is for you.
Macy walks you through a proven framework to help you get clear on what to focus on so that you can move the needle in your life and business. We challenge you to commit to this for the next 90 days and see what happens!

And if you want to take it a step further, join the Winner's Circle Facebook Group for a FREE Workshop where you'll learn:

  • how you can strategically set up your quarters to meet your yearly goals
  • what to focus on daily so you’re making progress consistently
  • the process to obsess over so that your desired outcome basically takes care of itself

It's all happening LIVE, on February 2, 2021 at 3:30pm ET. If you miss it live, the workshop will be saved in the group, so make sure you join HERE!

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