The 75% of People You Might Be Missing: How to Know and How to Fix It


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“After I get people interested, I can’t get them to convert into customers.”

“I struggle to create content that gets people interested.”

“I know what I have can help people, but I just can’t quite get that across.”

A few months back we sent out a survey to see what people are struggling with most when it comes to sales and those ⬆️ were some of the common things we kept hearing…

And what's interesting is that all of those statements have 1️⃣ thing in common:

It all comes down to MISSING the signals that someone is sending to you.

You see, the information that you might be giving to someone, isn’t necessarily the information they need to hear to click the buy button.

As the professional, when you can detect and adapt to what a potential client needs to hear in order to buy, you ultimately make more sales!

So how exactly do you detect and adapt to other styles? Glad you asked 😉

It all starts with knowing your Selling Style!
Take the Selling Styles quiz HERE to learn your 25% and after that, you’ll be prompted to join the Winner’s Circle Facebook Group for a 4 Day Selling Styles Challenge diving deep into each Selling Style so that you can:

  • Confidently identify someone else’s style (because remember: you are in the PEOPLE business)
  • Bridge the 75% gap between YOUR selling style and THEIR buying style (many people feel that there’s a disconnect - this addresses that!)
  • Know what to do when someone has a different style than you (which ensures that you both receive a winning outcome)

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