Ep112 Please Come Home for Christmas | How Does This Song Work?


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“Please Come Home for Christmas” by The Eagles includes some interesting twists and turns that leave your average guitarist wondering how the seemingly unrelated chords sound so good together. In this free guitar lesson, I explain how the song makes use of composition techniques such as chromatic voice leading and secondary dominants to create a soulful, rhythm and blues, Christmas classic. I explain everything from counting the 12/8 time signature to using the major pentatonic scale featured during the guitar solo. Instead of showing the specific guitar parts played in the song, I give you a general overview of the music by explaining the basic chords, song structure, and music theory. I position the chords in my version a little differently from the recording in order to make it easier for you to see the musical movement on the guitar fretboard.

CHORDS AND TABLATURE https://www.guitarmusictheory.com/please-come-home-for-christmas-how-does-this-song-work/

OFFICIAL SHEET MUSIC https://www.sheetmusicdirect.com/en-US/se/ID_No/409582/Product.aspx

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