Brad Morris SHOOTS THE NADS OUT OF The Hateful Eight Episode 68 GTSC podcast


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Quentin Tarrantino has a lot of fans but on this podcast, we've found our FOURTH film that someone wants to attempt to take down and that person is Brad Morris (@BradMorris773). Brad outlines many reasons why The Hateful Eight should've been left to freeze to death in the middle of nowhere. We all know @KevinGootee is a huge Tarrantino fan, can Brad coax KG and @KevinIsrael_NJ into agreeing this film should shoot itself in the nuts? Here is where you can find us on all podcast platforms (Apple iTunes, Spotify, Google to name a few) and our Youtube page! Want to advertise with us? You know the drill and if you don't: We cannot thank you enough yet again for your constant support, love on social media, and your 5 star ratings and reviews. THANK YOU ALL every M-F for blog articles and our merch shop where you can grab a shirt, hoodie, bag, mug, anything your little heart desires. Social media: @KevinGootee @KevinIsrael_NJ @BradMorris773 @GTSCpodcast Gutting the Sacred Cow on FB, Twitter, IG, Tumblr, and Tik Tok

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