Frank Fleming from Barstool sports SUCKER PUNCHES Fight Club Episode 41


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We can all agree that Fight Club is a HUGE cult classic and the poster is/was a mainstay in guys' college dorm rooms. But Frank Fleming (@NJTank99 @barstoolsports) thinks that Brad Pitt and Edward Norton should swallow enough soap and drop a lit stick of dynamite down their throats. Where do you stand on this underground bareknuckled fisticuffs romp? And where do you think @KevinGootee and @Kevinisrael_NJ stand on this film? And you're in for a treat as Frank belts out a song late into the episode, something your ears will thank you for. We LOVE that you've bought our merch. Take a pic with our merch and we'll GLADLY share it on our social media accounts. We want to help YOU build your business and sell your service or product. Email us at and we'll work something out! We don't get tired of thanking you because it's the least we can do. We LOVE your reshares, retweets, and podcast/YouTube reviews. PLEASE continue to visit for KG and KIs' lists of 10, movies we've seen, news, sequels we want to see/didn't ask for, and QUOTES. Please follow everyone on their SM accounts because damnit, we provide great content, jokes, witticisms. We're twitter, FB, Tumblr, and IG: @GTSCpodcast, @NJtank99 @KevinGootee @KevinIsrael_NJ @Barstoolsports

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