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What's your favorite scary movie? Not "Scream" for Juliette Miranda (Unwritable Rant Podcast and Bourbon Soaked podcast) as she thinks this film is insanely overrated and BAD. Her husband, @behindtherant, was able to successful gut Goonies in episode 24. Can this happy family go 2/2 in gutting cows? And can she convince @KevinGootee and @Kevinisrael_NJ that this film is worse than Neve Campbell mullet and Matthew Lillard's acting? And THANK YOU everyone to all you who continually support us and tell your friends about our podcast. We're loving every minute of this and hope you are as well. And make sure you get over to www.guttingthesacredcow.com EVERY DAY as we're posting new articles every day. Stuff like our #listsof10, favorite movie quotes, movies we've seen, movie news, and movie sequels we want to see. And of course, grab a tote bag, tshirt, hoodie, or adult entertainment toys from our merch shop. If you're looking to advertise with us, well that tickles us pink. Make sure to email us at guttingthesacredcow@hotmail.com Make sure you check out everyones' social medias: @morningneurosis @KevinGootee @KevinIsrael_NJ @GTSCpodcast. And if you would be so kind, we'd LOVE if you could give us a 5 star rating and 2 sentence review on your podcast platforms.

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