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The Transformers were the CENTER of @KevinGootee and @KevinIsrael_NJ universe in the 80's as the greatest cartoon next to Looney Tunes. Fast forward to 2007 when Michael Bay decided to completely ignore the most of the source material and make Megatron a plane instead of a gun. The real question is there enough good stuff in her to match the nostalgia? @AlmightyRay from @whowouldwin podcast certainly doesn't think so. He thinks this film is worse than Optimus Prime dying in the cartoon film. But do Gootee and Israel think his argument should transform and roll the f--- outta here? We truly value each and ever one of our fans and your interactions with us. We want to keep hearing from you! @GTSCpodcast on twitter and Gutting the Sacred Cow on FB, IG, and Tumblr. Have an idea for a segment for us? We want to hear it. Want to do a segment theme song for us? We want to play it? Feedback about us or our guests? Yep, we want to hear it. We thank you for being fans of ours. We want to help you grow your business/product! Email us at guttingthesacredcow@gmail.com for more details! Nothing puts a smile on our faces more than seeing you leave us those 5 star ratings and 2-3 sentence reviews on your favorite podcast platform. And since you're already fans, tell your friends who love movie debates and cracking wise that we're the best in the business. And this episode is sponsored by the merch store at Guttingthesacredcow.com Grab a sweet shirt, mug, bag, hat, even cell phone cover and more. Monday through Friday, we're giving you guys NEW articles regarding our favorite quotes, #listof10, and movies we've seen to name a few. Yet again, THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.

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