Seth Everett skewers Joker Episode 27


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@Seth_Everett (Hall of Justice podcast with Kevin Smith and Sports with Friends podcast) joins @KevinGootee and @KevinIsrael_NJ because he has a MAJOR problem with 2019's runaway success, Joker. He even goes on the record and says that this film is worse than Suicide Squad. You know, the film that is mocked more than "The Room?" But does he convince Kevin and Kevin that this film is more bare boned than Joaquin Phonenix was in this film? Big news: NOW has merch! Shirts, bags, hoodies and if you order before May 12th, you get a 15% coupon! Don't forget, we're on youtube so you can watch us while you're on your work Zoom meetings and see both of us in various stages of undress. We're on all podcast platforms: (iTunes, google, iheartradio, spotify, spreaker, stitcher) so spread the word and please continue to tell your friends who love films, podcasts, and dick jokes. Lastly, if you're looking to advertise with us, We'd love to help you build your business or service (especially naked maid services, they serve 3 purposes if you tip them right) so reach out to us.

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