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We seem to be on a real superheroes theme kick as @uptotask couldn't wait to join @GTSCpodcast to try and obliterate one of the early films (X-Men was not the first, Blade was) to kickstart the superhero genre. @KevinIsrael_NJ is an insane Wolverine fan; did he think the entrance matched the hype? And did @KevinGootee think this film was worse than Anna Paquin's "southern" accent? Only one way to tell.. PLEASE subscribe so the minute we release a new episode, you get it immediately. You guys have been awesome with the 5 star ratings and 2-3 sentence reviews. Thank you so much for your continued support and success. If you haven't done so, we'd love if you did us that small favor. EVER day, Monday-Friday on guttingthesacredcow.com we have new articles/think pieces...did I just say think pieces about a silly movie podcast? It's not like we're Time magazine. So come on over and check us out for some A+ toilet reading. And while you're on the hopper, go ahead and grab a shirt, hat, bag, mug, hoodie from our merch store. You can find us on social media at: Twitter, @GTSCpodcast @KevinGootee @KevinIsrael_NJ @UptoTask. We're on FB, IG, and Tumblr (if anyone cares about that platform) Also, www.kevinisrael.com and www.kevingootee.com Yet again, thank YOU for being friends. We truly appreciate all of the kind words, shoutouts, support, etc.

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