Tia Fabi throws Kryptonite at Batman v Superman Episode 36


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Pretty much everyone hated Batman v Superman and Tia Fabi from Geek Vibes Nation is no exception (@TC_Stark and @GeekVibesNation). And there is plenty to attack: Ben Affleck as Batman breaking his "no guns" policy. Lex Luthor acting like a quirky nerd who is off his ADD meds. And of course, "Martha." But with all of the damning evidence, can Tia convince @KevinGootee and @KevinIsrael_NJ that this film is Kryptonite for good taste? www.geekvibesnation.com THANK YOU again for your ongoing support. New contest: First person to get 5 friends to subscribe to our podcast gets a free shirt. Tag them on twitter/fb/ig and have them post them subscribing and the shirt is yours. It's NEVER too late to write us a 2 sentence review while giving us a 5 star rating on your favorite podcast platform! Make sure you're head over to www.guttingthesacredcow.com EVERY day to see new blog posts like our favorite movie quotes and sequels we want to see/didn't ask for. Also, check out our merch shop to grab a shirt, hat, mug, bag, fire extinguisher. Sponsorship/advertising inquiries should be sent to guttingthesacredcow@hotmail.com

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