Change My Mind #88: Hauntings & Bridgewater Triangle with Christopher Balzano


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In Episode 88, Nick Friar and Wesley Sykes return to the weird and the spooky with analytical folklorist Christopher Balzano (@SpookyBalzano). They discuss hauntings, the Bridgewater Triangle, some local places to explore on Halloween, and his new book Haunted Florida Love Stories. Before that, the undisputed People's Podcast covers the Space Jam 2 plot leak, 538's Halloween candy power rankings, and a Zoom call faux pas in Trending Now. Nick hands out his top picks of the week in his Comic Book Minute while Kourtney Kardashian returns to recap S19:E5 in Getting Caught Up With Keeping Up With The Kardashians. They close the show with the quarantine corner. Be sure to catch Change My Mind's weekly live stream on the #DorkGUniverse Facebook page, as well as all their archived audio content on Geeks Worldwide. To find more of Christopher Balzano's work, check out and his Tripping on Legends Facebook page.

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