Dr. Eric Dickson on Lean Management in a Crisis (The Covid Pandemic)


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CEO of UMass Memorial Health

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Welcome to Episode #59 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

Joining us again today is Eric W. Dickson MD, MHCM, FACEP, a returning guest. He is President and Chief Executive Officer at UMass Memorial Health. He was previously a guest in Episode #11, released in July 2020, earlier in the pandemic.

In today's episode, follows up on our earlier discussion about their commitment to "no furloughs and no layoffs" and how that "might have been the best decision we made" during the pandemic, as Eric said.

Host Mark Graban also asks Eric questions and discusses topics including:

  • Going through almost two years of this now, what have you learned about “Lean management in a crisis?”
  • Lessons Learned? — Developing people during a crisis?
  • A culture of Respect for People
  • Staff now are exhausted -- how can we recover?
  • When you talk about principles and values, including safety and respect, how did you handle the vaccine mandate?
  • The role of a leader — Your role as the CEO during this?

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