Sandra Geiger on Strategy Development & Deployment, Lean Culture


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Chief People Officer & Chief Strategy Deployment Officer at Atrius Health

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Welcome to Episode #60 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

Joining us today as our guest is Sandra Geiger. She is the Chief People Officer & Chief Strategy Deployment Officer at Atrius Health in MA. Sandra was previously VP of Performance Excellence at another Massachusetts health system. She’s a physical therapist by background.

In today's episode, Sandra shares her experiences with "strategy development" and the Lean management practice of "strategy deployment" -- before, during and after a pandemic

Host Mark Graban also asks Sandra questions and discusses topics including:

  • How did you get introduced to Lean?
  • How did you become CPO?
  • The aim of "never-ending success"
  • A quick pivot due to Covid - emergency strategy?
  • Connecting the strategy thread to the front line work and improvement and their role
  • People learning what the strategies are - doesn’t always happen?
  • Why Lean at Atrius Health?
  • How you can influence a company culture through Lean -- Continuous Improvement and Respect for People?
  • Beyond culture, where does “technical Lean” fit as well?

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