Episode 29: Programmed Actions with Subconscious_Routine


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Today, Mark is joined by Cohan and Garrett of Poor Students to talk about their one-page game Subconscious_Routine, submitted as part of the Applied Hope game jam. They discuss how they limit both the overall rules and the players' available actions to convey the tone and setting of robots searching for free will, as well as their use of other media to convey the hopeful post-post-apocalyptic setting.

Stick around to the end of the episode for a trailer for their game!
Special thanks to Cohan for updating our intro and outro songs a few episodes back!
You can download Subconscious_Routine and follow along at poorstudents.itch.io/subconscious-routine.
You can follow the Poor Students on twitter at @poorstudentsRPG.
You can find other entries of the Applied Hope Jam here: itch.io/jam/applied-hope
As always, you can join our discord here: discord.com/invite/BDZckBB

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