Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer and a Guardian of the Galaxy


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Last night I had a "visitation" from someone who self identified as "the Principal." I asked this person if I was supposed to interview them in today's podcast and they said "Yes, the questions will appear for you." So I had no one to look up, research... but knew that this person had told me that they were "the principal." I thought about teachers I knew, principals I knew - but just left it aside.

So this interview goes without any planning. At some point I realize that this person meant "the principle" (it's a mathematical phrase) and further blew my mind with the idea that they were trying to help our planet to "plant seeds" - not only to save the planet with trees which will reduce carbon, cool the planet - but also to plant seeds in our minds that we can communicate with them.

The term "Guardian Angel" comes at the very end of the session - as this person answered the question "would people on the planet refer to you as an angel?" They said "Yes." And later, Jennifer supplied the term "Guardian" as it applies to what we were talking about.

Guardians of the Galaxy or Guardian Angels - same thing apparently.

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